Cnidofest 2018 Organizing Committee

Meeting Co-Organizers

Dr. Christine Schnitzler

Assistant Professor

University of Florida Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience

Christy is the on-site co-organizer. She uses evolutionary and functional genomics in Hydractinia to explore fundamental biological processes, such as stem cell-mediated regeneration, innate immunity, and cellular senescence. Read more about Christy here

Dr. Celina Juliano

Assistant Professor

University of California, Davis


Celina is one of our co-organizers. She is using Hydra as a model to study stem cells and regeneration. You can read more about Celina and her research at

Committee Members

Dr. Juris Grasis

Assitant Professor

University of California, Merced

Juris is our social media coordinator and tech guru. He uses Hydra as a model for host-holobiont interactions, with a focus on viral interactions. You can read more about Juris and his research at

Dr. Matthew Nicotra

Assitant Professor

University of Pittsburgh


When he's not updating the Cnidofest 2018 website, Matt and his lab use Hydractinia symbiolongicarpus to study all aspects of allorecognition. Read about the lab at

Shuonan He

Graduate Student

Stowers Institute for Medical Research

"Shuonon is the best thing since sliced bread." - @MadScientist