A message from the organizers

  • Cnidofest rescheduled to September 2022

  • We will host monthly cnidarian Zoom meetings featuring trainees and new faculty. 

In light of the fact that large gatherings are likely to be unsafe or prohibited in September 2020, we have decided to reschedule the next Cnidofest to 2022. We will miss seeing you this year tremendously, but we are looking forward to a big celebration in two and a half years! We have already booked the UC Davis conference center for September 7-10, 2022. We hope you will join us. Please mark your calendars. 

In addition, we hope it will be safe to travel for the Tutzing meeting in 2021. If so, we anticipate seeing many of you there!

In the meantime, we are organizing a monthly cnidarian Zoom meeting for the community to stay connected and share their work. We are most concerned about the impact that canceling Cnidofest 2020 will have on trainees. Therefore, we will prioritize talks from graduate students and postdocs, especially those who are close to a career transition. In addition, it would be great to have some new assistant professors present as well. Assuming we get enthusiastic participation, we envision this starting in May and continuing for at least a year. 

If you or someone in your lab would be interested in this opportunity, please contact one of the organizers and we will send you a link to the sign up page and additional information. 

Once we have a list of volunteers, we will work with each person to choose dates and times that work for them, keeping in mind the fact that we are spread across many time zones. We will then post the schedule so people can mark their calendars. We envision presentations lasting 30-45 minutes (maximum of one hour with questions).  We will also record sessions and make them available (if presenters give permission).

Wishing you all the best,


The Cnidofest Planning Committee