Cnidofest Zoom Seminars

We have organized a series of virtual seminars to help keep our community vibrant during this time of limited interaction.

If you would like to join in, please email or DM @cnidofest on Twitter for the link.

Seminars will occur at 12 pm US Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) 

unless otherwise noted.

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January 19, 2022 12pm EST

Telomeres and telomerase in the regeneration of the sea anemone Nematostella vectensis

Dr. João E. Carvalho
University Côte d'Azur ( Röttinger Lab)

Characterizing neurogenesis pathways in Hydra vulgaris

Abby Primack, PhD candidate

University of California, Davis (Juliano Lab)


February 16, 2022 12pm EST

Topic: Nutritional regulation of bodysize in Nematostella
Title: "TBD"
Dr. Kathrin Garschall
Sars Centre (UiB, Bergen) (Steinmetz lab)

Topic: Spatial transcriptomics and patterning in Nematostella
Title: "TBD"
Dr. Shuonan He
Stowers Institute for Medical Research (Gibson Lab)


March 16, 2022 12pm EST

Topic: Apical organ studies
Title: "TBD"
Eleanor Gilbert, PhD candidate
Marine Biological Association, UK (Modepalli Lab)

Topic: Cnidarian stress response to sunscreens
Title: "How safe are 'reef-safe' sunscreens?"
Abby Tarleton, Undergraduate
Florida Southern college (Macrander Lab)


April 20, 2022 12pm EST

Topic: Hydra Neurobiology
Title: "TBD"
Dr. Christophe Dupre
Harvard University (Engert/Lichtman lab)

Topic: Allorecognition signaling
Title: "TBD"
Manuel Michaca, PhD candidate
University of Pittsburgh (Nicotra Lab)